iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 – What would be the next release from Apple?


When Apple released iPhone 5, they did not get much of applause for the new iPhone. Now there is an astounding amount of speculation and interest in Apple’s next iPhone, although as of now it seems that we will have to wait a little for the next big release from Apple. The rumour mill doesn’t seem too sure whether the next iPhone is going to be the iPhone 5S or the iPhone 6. If Apple follows its conventional way, the company will first launch iPhone 5S an upgrade to iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 a while later (may be by end of 2014).

According to rumors, Apple will make some drastic changes in the next generation iPhone. As per reports new iPhone is believed to come with iOS7, there are talks that Apple has already started testing the new operating system iOS7.

In terms of specs and features, the next generation iPhone is said to have a vibrating motor assembly, Wi-Fi flex cable ribbon, ear-spear bracket, loudspeaker bracket and SIM card tray.

The new Apple iPhone is reported to have a speedier processor, NFC support, better screen, faster graphics, an improved camera and storage capacity up to 128 GB. Next generation iPhone may also be equipped with fingerprint scanner. On top of the resolution bump, rumours also point to an iPad mini-style ultra-narrow screen bezel, which might mean the new iPhone is actually getting a hardware redesign after all.  It’s been suggested the new iPhone may come in 3 different sizes. The home button is the first component to break in any of the iPhone, there may be changes in home button design also. The new iPhone will come in various colors and is said to have plastic body. There are also reports that the new iPhone will come with wireless charger.

Rumors about the next generation iPhone will keep piling up until Apple actually launches the new iPhone. If you have any insider info, please feel free to share it here!


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