iPad – impact on kids


These days iPads and other tablets can very commonly be seen in most of the houses. Obviously kids too are having access to it.  Even my two year old daughter is a big fan of iPad. She learned operating iPad very quickly (may be because she sometimes used to watch nursery rhymes on my iPhone). In the beginning she used to record her videos and watch them. I loved it when she used to dance while watching herself using front camera. She exactly knew how to open the camera. Gradually she started watching cartoons and rhymes on youtube.

And then i observed her for  one week, she had stopped playing with her toys altogether and had been demanding iPad all the time. This is when i felt things are going wrong. I googled about the impact of iPad/tablets and found some interesting articles about it. At first i panicked and thought that my daughter is getting addicted to iPad, and i almost decided that now on-wards i will not give her iPad at all.

As of now no one has true scientific understanding of what the future might hold for a generation raised on portable screens, although some people might have opinions about the impacts. In some of the articles, it is stated that few children are getting so addicted to iPad that parents had to consider therapy for them.

In my opinion children get attracted to many new toys and video games too and they become whiney when it is taken away from them. Then why to blame only iPad? I think parents can let their kids use iPads/tablets for a limited time, if the kids demand for it. Kids can learn new words, simple mathematics in fun way using educational apps available for iPads and other tablets (my daughter can already identify all the alphabets, digits 0-9 and few colors, all because of iPad). But long hours on such electronic gadgets may affect kids eyes and they may have blurry eyes.

I totally agree with the article posted on pix11.com by Frances Rivera. She emphasises on three things – Monitor screen time, enforce down time and encourage “Alone” time. It is very important for small children not to spend long hours with electronic devices. Brain develops at the fastest pace in first few years of life, so kids need sufficient exposure to three-dimensional world and limited exposure to virtual world. Children should learn spend sometime alone, it helps to develop imaginative power.

Kids need to interact with people around them, make friends, have fun in playgrounds, do something creative and so on for their complete personality development . If they spend too much time with iPad or other tablets, they dont have much time left. So thumb rule parents should be to keep limits on use of iPad/tablet.

Now i feel that i can actually let my daughter use iPad for a limited time. I just need to keep a watch what she is doing on her electronic gadget. If you want to share your opinion please feel free to share it here.

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